Monday, May 01, 2006

Todos Los Santos

I am looking for filmmakers from the Philippines, Mexico and Cuba who are interested in writing/directing a short 30 min narrative film about Saints, their stories and their place in our contemporary society.

This projects hopes to explore the following:

The common obsession of Filipinos, Mexicans and Cubans with their Saints.

Spanish Colonial Culture and Christianity and how it has inter-bred with the Malay, Indio and African cultures.

If you are interested please submit a 1-3 page synopsis of your story to

Deadline for submission is July 1, 2006

Websites about Saints:
Saints and Martyrs
The Cult of the Saints and Their Relics
Cultures of Devotion
Latin American "Folk Saints" Are the Focus of Connecticut College Professor’s Study
Pop Occulture Blog
Patron Saints for Various Occupations and Conditions
The Saint of Last Resorts
Saint Death offers Mexicans Solace
Saint Death Cult Draws On Pre-Christian Roots
On Mexico's Mean Streets, the Sinners Have a Saint
Are the Santeria Saints with Fidel Castro?
Yoruba Religion
The Religion In Africa and Cuba: How Different Are They Really?

Books about Saints:
La Santa Muerte by Homero Aridjis
Culture of Devotion: Folk Saints of Spanish America by Frank Graziano


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