Friday, April 28, 2006

The Asin Road Project

I am looking for people interested in collaborating with the woodcarvers of Asin Road, Baguio to come up with new designs for their products.

Are you interested? Please send me an email with your name and a short description or drawing of your proposed design.

Katya Guerrero Carratala

Some guidelines to keep in mind while creating designs for this project:

The products should be easy to make. As much as possible, traditional tools and techniques should be used in making the products using locally available materials.

The products should be innovative but should also remain grounded in the traditional culture of the Cordilleras. In some cases, totally new products may be developed while in other cases improvements may be made on already existing products.

The products should be environmentally friendly. For this project, we would like to focus on developing smaller wood products with higher value. This is our alternative solution to the complete ban on logging of hard woods which would definitely kill the local economies of the woodcarvers.

Lastly, the products should not only be well-designed but should be saleable too. Let us offer foreign and local tourists- something beautiful and meaningful to bring home as pasalubong!!!

Friday, April 21, 2006


Like all artists I have millions of ideas.

I am hoping that if I put some of my ideas in written form- people may realize that artists like myself can actually apply their creativity not only to art but to life in general.